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Player Name/ Personal Journal: Paul
Email: drdoom83@hotmail.com
AIM: same as email
Other Contact:
Character Name: Sean Proudstar, Warcry
Character Journal: apache-banshee
Physical Description: 6'4, lean, but very well-muscled.
Age: 19
DOB: November 8, 1993
PB: Alex Meraz
Character Location/Home: Xavier's, formerly Camp Verde
Alignment: Hero
Relatives: James Proudstar (father), Theresa Cassidy Proudstar(mother)
Abilities: He has a variation of his mother's sonic powers, able to let waves of sound varying in intensity and power depending on how much force he puts into it. The force can vary from being the force of a light breeze to enough power to disrupt solid foundations. He has also inherited some of his father's powers, though not to the same extent. He is faster, stronger, and more durable than most normal humans naturally. He is a skilled fight thanks to training from his father. He can speak Apache, Gaelic, and English, though he personally prefers English as he has noticeable accents when trying to speak them. He is also passable at reading lips and sign language.
Weaknesses and Flaws: If he overextends his sonic powers, he can weaken his vocal chords to the point where he wouldn't be able to speak for long durations. He cannot fly as his mother and grandfather could. He is not physically superhuman.
Personality: Sean is a young man of contrasts. On one hand he has a strong lust for both life and the company of the fairer sex. He is a thrillseeker and an outdoors-man, but can be introspective when timing calls for it. He is flirtatious, though honest in his intentions. He doesn't seek monogamy nor would he ever imply to a woman that he does. Despite being a certified "skirt-chaser", Sean is a man of integrity and honesty. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, granted he tends to judge what is right and wrong more by instinct than what the law necessarily says. Deep down he's not sure true coexistence between humans and mutants is possible, but e believes strongly in protecting members of both sides that simply want to live normal lives.
Backstory: Sean Proudstar is the son of former X-Force members, Warpath and Proudstar. After a battle that left his mother unable to use her vocal powers, the two retired from active duty to his dad's ancestral home in Camp Verde. Sean was raised on the reservation when his powers first manifested. His parents did their best to teach him, but eventually realized they couldn't do it themselves. Using their old contacts, they had Sean sent to the Xavier Institute. Initially he only stayed to get his powers under control as he didn't have a strong desire to be a superhero. However, recent events have convinced him that this is a calm before a big storm and feels he has a responsibility to be ready.
How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Arrives at the institute for formal combat training.
Plans: To become a X-Man and do his part.
Sample Post: Becoming a full-time member of the team.


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